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KFAC Achievements - Accomplishment Being Honored in Bhangra.

Bhangra Gidha : 1ST Place in World Olympiad Bhangra held in Jalandhar in January 2008.

Music : KFAC musicians have played music with many singers around the World, the cream of all musicians in Indian Folk are captured by KFAC.

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KFAC Annual Appreciation 16 Nov 2019
KFAC Event on 16 November, 2019

Exciting Successfull Events


04 October
@ Bulldog Bhangra 2011

Live Category @ Bulldog Bhangra 2011 Placed First at this Competition

03 April
@ Warrior Bhangra 2014

Live Category @ Warrior Bhangra 2014 Placed First at this Competition

28 October
@ Bhangra Idols 2015

Live Category @ Bhangra Idols 2015 Most Entertaining Team


Inderjit Aulakh (Jicky)

Inderjit Aulakh (Jicky)

Inderjit Aulakh (Jicky)

Teaching Bhnagra & Dhol Player
Ranbir Sangha

Ranbir Sangha

Ranbir Sangha

Teaching Bhnagra & Musician
Sarbjit Shahkoti

Sarbjit Shahkoti

Sarbjit Shahkoti

Singer & Teaching Bhnagra

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