KFAC is a non-profit organization formed in 2007, the members are great musicians and bhangra performers from India residing in Vancouver, Canada. Since 2007 KFAC has signed more then 50 members, KFAC has members from all around the world. The members trained themselves to be some of the best performers in Vancouver, Canada and soon led the group to be the best you can also become KFAC member! Contact us. All ages and gender are welcome.
KFAC was formed with the idea to promote Punjabi and preserve our culture, many young kids in Canada who are not fluent in Punjabi but for sure they are interested in Bhangra and Bhangra teaches many Cultures of Punjab.
KFAC Workout burns approximately 500 calories during each session. The hour goes by surprisingly fast. The monotony of indoor cardio exercising disappears, and participants are surprised at their enjoyment level. Classes at KFAC is not only fun, but it has less impact on your joints … there is no fear of hurting yourself.”
Bhangra also keeps you healthy and fit, so our health conditions can be great. Bhangra gives your face SMARTNESS, SMILLNESS, YOUNGERNESS look.
Take Bhangra as challenge and you will only gain!
Bhangra keeps you away from trouble and fulfills your dreams, which is KFAC’s GOAL.
KFAC musicians are the only musicians who give you from soothing to hip hop music. KFAC musicians have played music with many singers around the World, the cream of all musicians in Indian Folk are captured by KFAC.


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